Periodontal Treatments in Washington D.C. & Alexandria, VA

At Precision Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, our main focus is on the health of the tissues (gum and bone), which provide a foundation for your teeth. We restore and maintain periodontal health, encourage re-growth of healthy gum and bone tissue, and place dental implants to replace missing teeth.


Gum Disease Therapy

Treating gum disease is the first step on the road back to periodontal health. We have a variety of non-surgical and surgical options to allow the least invasive treatment possible. Options include:


Dental Implants

When teeth are lost due to gum disease, trauma, damage, or decay, a dental implant can replace one or more teeth or provide a strong support for a denture. We provide pre-implant and post-implant procedures as well for long lasting implant health and stability:


Cosmetic Dentistry

When esthetic procedures are used to improve a smile, many beneficial side effects are also delivered. We provide the following cosmetic procedures:


Functional Dentistry

Sometimes, procedures both enhance the smile and provide functional benefits that relieve pain and minimize chances of infection. Functional dental procedures include:


As a specialty trained Periodontist, Dr. Zalewsky is skilled (proficient) at diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease (gum disease), cosmetic periodontal procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile and the placement of dental implants that can replace single or multiple missing teeth. We will work in partnership with your restorative dentist or cosmetic dentist to create a healthy, aesthetically-pleasing and fully-functioning smile for you.