Pinhole Surgical Technique in Washington DC & Alexandria VA

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Ask about restoring healthy, even gums with the minimally invasive pinhole surgical technique.

The latest innovations in periodontal surgery allow for minimally invasive options to be pursued even for advanced cases.

Benefits of Gum Repositioning

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a fast, effective way to access a range of gum restoration benefits, including:

  • Better aesthetics
  • Coverage for exposed tooth roots
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity
  • Reinforcement for the tooth’s natural support system

Recessed Gums Lead to Further Issues

Periodontal disease which manifests via recessed gums can rapidly progress, leading to exposed gums, sensitivity, pain, and loose teeth. Eventually exposed bone dissolves, and teeth will fall out. Patients suffering from receding gums, periodontal disease, and/or exposed tooth roots may be candidates for a special kind of gum surgery.

Gums act as a barrier protecting the bloodstream and dental roots from as foreign objects, bacteria, and food particles. Without this barrier, teeth and gums are more susceptible to decay, which can contribute to permanently damaging periodontal disease.

Gums also act as a visual frame for the teeth; without a normal, even gum line, teeth can look unhealthy or strange. Recessed gums can make teeth appear larger than they are, and since dental enamel is thinner on the roots of your teeth, smiles might appear yellowed or unhealthy. Gum recession can also cause extreme sensitivity to heat, cold, and pressure, making it hard for people to enjoy eating.

Traditional Gum Grafting

In the past, the only method used for treating gum recession was traditional gum tissue grafting, which is effective but less convenient than more recent methods. During this procedure, tissue is harvested from other parts of the mouth, shaped, and stitched in place over the exposed areas. Since grafts need a blood supply to live, a flap must be cut into the gums where the graft is applied.

With this uncomfortable procedure, patients are left with multiple incisions to care for during the recovery period. The recovery is longer than ideal, with most patients needing two to three weeks before they are able to eat, brush, and floss normally again. There is also a risk of infections and complications which can occasionally interfere with results.

Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Recession Treatment

Fortunately, modern dentistry has provided patients with a better way to treat gum recession. The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a non-invasive, incredibly effective treatment for recessed gums.
During the pinhole surgical technique, a tiny incision about the size of a pinhole is created to access the interior gum tissue around the affected areas. Small instruments are used to loosen the gum tissue and to push it downwards around the teeth.

When the desired placement of the gums is achieved, tiny strips of collagen are placed inside of the tissue that bond the gums in place. Since there are no large incisions, patients won’t have sutures to worry about after the procedure is finished, and the treatment is much more comfortable.

Dentists performing the Pinhole Surgical Technique can treat as many as 10-14 teeth at a time, significantly decreasing the duration of treatment and number of visits required. Patients enjoy a recovery time of about a day, instead of three weeks. The Pinhole Surgical Technique has been shown to be effective as much as 90% of the time, and lasts for years—as long as patients don’t brush aggressively or neglect their teeth and gums again.

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