Gum Disease Treatment in Washington D.C. & Alexandria, VA

Gum Disease Treatments

Don’t allow your teeth to be compromised by gum disease.

There are many options for the treatment of gum disease

Periodontists Dr. Zalewsky and Dr. Hoge provide consultation for patients diagnosed with gum disease, and will both explain the level of advancement and present options for treatment.

If caught early, gingivitis may be curable with antibiotics

In mild cases of gingivitis (when the condition is recognized and diagnosed before progression of the disease has occurred) antibiotic treatment may be successfully used to eradicate the bacteria below the gum line which is causing inflammation, and the gums can heal on their own.

Advanced gum disease may require non-surgical or surgical intervention

In advanced cases of gingivitis or full blown periodontitis, Dr. Zalewsky or Dr. Hoge may recommend non-surgical gum disease treatment or surgical gum disease treatment. The type of treatment and level of invasiveness will depend on the progression of the disease and the state of the patient’s gums, teeth, and the underlying bone structures.


Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatments

For patients in the earliest stages of gingivitis, non-surgical gum disease treatment can be provided, including:

Scaling and Root Planing

If the bacteria and plaque extend far below the gum line, scaling of the tooth surface and planing of the root may be required to remove the build-up and prevent future accumulations.

Periodontal Maintenance

After gum disease treatment, healthy gums can be kept that way with regular periodontal maintenance. Dr. Zalewsky or Dr. Hoge will formulate a treatment plan that includes an at-home regimen as well as regularly scheduled appointments to maintain gum health.


The LANAP variable pulse laser is used for non-invasive gum therapy to eradicate bacteria and diseased gum tissue around natural teeth. Healthy gum tissue is encouraged to regenerate and close gum pockets, eliminating looseness and lowering chances of reinfection. LAPIP is a similar laser based therapy used in cases when a dental implant has been placed, but is failing due to unhealthy gum tissue and deepening gum pockets.


Surgical Gum Disease Treatments

When gum disease is advanced, it causes symptoms and damage that is unlikely to heal on its own, even with antibiotics and scaling / planing. In these cases, Dr. Zalewsky or Dr. Hoge may recommend any of the following treatments:


Advanced gum disease can cause the gums to become loose and floppy, increasing the risk of future infections. A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure which removes some of the excess gum tissue, tightening the gums and reducing that risk.

Osseous Surgery

When plaque buildup is extremely severe and a gingivectomy is not sufficient to rectify the problem, osseous surgery (also known as “gum flap” surgery or periodontal surgery) can be performed to remove the source of infection and fit the gums back securely around each tooth.

Gum Grafting

As gum disease progresses, it can destroy both gum tissue and the underlying bone structure, eventually leading to loosened, unsupported teeth. Gum and bone grafting can be performed to restore these structures, reducing the risk of additional damage and tooth loss.

Dr. Zalewsky and Dr. Hoge offer both traditional gum grafting as well as the innovative pinhole surgical technique, which is minimally invasive and reduces the risk of gum recession.

Tooth Extractions

If teeth have been severely damaged due to periodontal disease and tooth decay, tooth extractions may be required. After the gums have healed, Dr. Zalewsky or Dr. Hoge can place dental implants to restore form and functionality to a beautiful smile.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

When gum tissue (gingiva) and bone deteriorates because of gum disease or tooth loss, guided tissue restoration can be implemented to help restore a solid foundation for dental implants or to make denture wear more comfortable.


Don’t allow your teeth to be compromised by gum disease. Contact us for an appointment at our Washington D.C. or Alexandria, VA offices, and ask about periodontal treatment.

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