Bone Loss Treatments in Washington D.C. & Alexandria, VA

Bone Loss Treatments

Bone restoration treatment makes dental implants possible even if teeth have been missing for years.

Unchecked periodontal disease often leads to bone loss. Missing teeth also have a side effect of bone loss. In order for dental implants to be placed, there must be sufficient healthy bone and gum tissue to support the implant. Without healthy bone, the implant will not be stable, and the implant may be rejected.

There are several procedures which can be done prior to dental implants being placed, to increase the chances of success and restore healthy tissues.

Ridge Preservation

When a tooth is extracted, a small piece of bone can be placed at the site of the extraction to preserve the area in preparation for a future dental implant. This prevents a deep socket forming where the original tooth was located, and discourages existing bone from starting to degenerate. Dental implants are normally placed within 4-6 months of a tooth extraction and ridge preservation procedure.

Ridge Augmentation

A ridge augmentation procedure can treat deformities in the lower and upper jaws due to trauma, injury, periodontal disease, wear from dentures, or developmental abnormalities. The gum is separated from the ridge to expose the bone, the affected area is filled with bone graft material, and area is given time to heal. A dental implant may be placed at the time of modification, or later.

Bone Grafts

Implants require a certain amount of jawbone volume and strength to support them successfully. If bone mass has dissolved – which is common after tooth loss – bone grafts may be needed prior to having implants placed. The donor bone will need time to integrate into the jaw before the implant is placed.

Sinus Lift

If the sinus cavities are too close to implant sites in the upper jaw, a sinus augmentation procedure may be needed. The size and shape of the sinus area varies from patient to patient, and factors such as age can contribute to a larger sinus area. A bone graft is used to increase the amount of bone available and to make the sinus cavity smaller.

Bone restoration treatment makes dental implants possible even if teeth have been missing for years. Contact us for an appointment at our Washington D.C. or Alexandria, VA offices.

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