Digital Dental Scanning in Washington D.C. & Alexandria, VA

The Trios 3 Digital Impression Scanner consists of a 3D color intraoral scanner mounted on an easy to use handle that is roughly the size and shape of a pen. The scanner has an attached camera, which takes instant images of teeth from any angle inside the mouth.

This scanner enables our periodontists to see extreme close-ups and project the images onto a screen in real time, so the patient can view the same images from parts of your mouth usually hidden from view. This method of imaging allows for better visibility and precision when it comes to determining necessary treatment.

The digital impression scanner can detect even the minutest changes in shade when evaluating each tooth. The Trios 3 delivers more accurate and predictable results than traditional mirrors used for visual inspection, and has become an indispensable diagnostic tool for.

Patients can understand more fully the complexities of early stage tooth decay or a hidden crack in a tooth by viewing the images generated by the Trios 3 on the chair side monitor. Our periodontists can make better determinations regarding flaws in each tooth, and provide remedial treatment in time to stop further damage or decay.

One of our hygienist or periodontists can easily move the pen inside the mouth without discomfort from probing or stretching of the mouth to insert a penlight and mirror. This results in more comfort for the patients and less chair time.

Dr. Justin Zalewsky, Dr. Michael Hoge, and the Precision Periodontics and Implant Dentistry team offer a range of periodontal treatment options to the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area, including residents seeking a periodontist in Annandale, Arlington, Burke, Chevy Chase, Falls Church, Fairfax, and Springfield. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zalewsky or Dr. Hoge, or request your appointment online.